Friday, June 24, 2011

Dont leave me out here.

 Hi! For the first is, sorry tak update for a week. Okay, menukang buku. Hihi :') Well, long yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! History gonna ruined everything! Omg-.- Yet, it was true. I was feeling like to cried. Okay, stop it. Mata aku maleh doh nak nangis. Hahaha.

 This week the school is very suck. Do not like it. Even though, what past is past and they won't come back and change a thing. Whatever. I just want to plow through my holiday as miraculous as Mr. Bean's. Hehehe. 

 This is a day was very bad. I'm tired to greeted her. But no one answered. And apa aku dapat? Bodohh, langsi gila. Sakit hati je weh-.- Errr.  Ohh, big shocked! Disappointed with her attitude. No change. I'm very sad. Okay, I will try. If no changesare, I will remove it. I will be looking for new friends that I am happy.

 Kay, tomorrow my cousin would like to come my sweet home. Hee, I miss "HIM". I'm anxious to see him. Then maybe this Sunday I go for a picnic. Can't wait for sweet sunday :)

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